How Digital Marketing Portland Oregon Experts Deal with SEO Misdemeanors

Besides great design techniques to showcase your business to the world, business big and small should pay attention to their search engine rankings as unnecessary Portland SEO experts mistakes can cost your company money. Especially as most consumers would first conduct their research online before making a purchasing decision. On the preceding, it’s clear why a brilliant search engine optimization strategy needs to be put in place by an equally smart digital marketing Agency for your business to rank higher in the search engines.

Even though Google provides clear-cut guidelines to assist companies in exploring various aspects regarding content creation and web design, they are still guilty of ignoring fundamental SEO in Portland principles that are bound to hurt their rankings and the profits they could have made.

A prominent digital marketing Firm in desires nothing more than for website owners to be lean, mean and functioning like a well-oiled Google Optimized Machine that generates revenue consistently. To help you, they’ve shared some common SEO mistakes you need to avoid.

Irrelevant Keywords

Keyword stuffing or using irrelevant keywords goes against the grain of Google’s best practices. Besides, the reader will not react very well when they read content that becomes unreadable due to keywords being used repetitively. Google will soon notice your lackluster approach to providing valuable reading material and take action. As you can imagine, it will ultimately affect your SERPs.

What you must do is to reduce the keywords you’ve been using and focus instead on compelling content as well as user-centric marketing to boost your page rank.

Using Link Schemes to Boost Rankings

It is highly recommended you avoid all sorts of link manipulation strategies. Any effort on your part or the person in charge of your Google optimization techniques will violate Google’s rules through manipulating various link building techniques that include; Link wheels, buying links from link farms, automated link-building tools, hiding links in images, sneaky redirects, excessive cross-linking. It is better for your search results to stay clear from using these methods as Google will impose a penalty, which will hurt your search visibility and result in a crushing blow concerning organic search traffic.

Inferior Quality Content

Where you aware that as much as 88 percent of Business to Business owners and online marketers make use of content marketing? They consider it to be a crucial aspect of their overall online advertising and commercialization efforts.

As modern Google algorithms quickly pick up on machine-generated content, you should rather utilize the services of trusted Search Marketing Experts like Moving Mountains. They have a solid reputation in all thing SEO and high rated online marketing strategies that include unique content that is not scraped or automatically generated.

Besides being unique, useful content has to be authoritative and trustworthy so readers can immediately assess that the one sharing the content is an expert on the topic under discussion.

Know that Google does not just look at relevant keywords, but tries to source content that is relevant and of value.

Neglecting to Fix Outdated Pages on Your Site

Low-quality content on your web pages that remains there will have an effect on your overall ranking. You either need to remove outdated pages or get them fixed by SEO Portland Specialists.

Some of the trouble spots you need to pay attention to would be:

  • Inferior quality content
  • Content that is replicated on the same site
  • Text that is auto-generated
  • Redirects to another web page without any prior explanation
  • Where the primary intent is to generate ad revenue
  • Dead pages that host incoming backlinks
  • Malformed HTML tags and broken images
  • Stub pages and Outdated pages
  • Improper pagination

Not Taking Advantage of Analytics

The whole idea behind SEO is to drive conversions and not just focus on gaining organic traffic. Now, any savvy business owner will tell you that their profits depend on conversions. There is no point in generating massive amounts of traffic if there is no resulting increase in conversions.

After all, you’ve already put so much effort and expense into designing and strategizing, which is why it is imperative to take advantage of top range analytics tools. The ability to track conversion rates for key phrases used is enormous. In this way, Moving Mountains come out tops as they implement a range of tried and tested Google Optimization techniques to give you a fighting chance against the search engines.