Prepare to Get Soaked When Rogue River Rafting

No one ever plans on getting soaked while having the time of their life riding the different rapids. Wait till they get a chance to get involved in Rogue River Rafting trips. It may or may not be your first encounter with whitewater. No doubt, if you are a newcomer, you might be ill-prepared concerning being mentally ready, wearing proper gear, and rafting along with other groups whom you do not know. Even if you are experienced in a canoe on whitewater, it is another story altogether when you are on a raft.


Having said that, it is not all that frightening if you choose to go with experienced excursion companies such as Orange Torpedo Trips who do their best to ensure you are properly prepared to launch the raft into the Rogue River. These outfitters have operated since 1969 and are making it a point to stay with the times concerning the latest equipment and packages on offer.


Various rafting trips are made available on rivers like the Klamath, Salmon, Payette, Riggins and the Rogue. Thanks to their latest induction program, you can be sure what to expect before you even hit the water.


But, as the saying goes, one needs to hear it out of the horse’s mouth so to speak. Take it from guys and girls who have been there and done that. In the process, they got thoroughly soaked and had loads of fun while being accompanied by Orange Torpedo guides along the way.


The young chap under discussion was picked up on time before he got taken to the closest collection point where other rafters were waiting already. His eyes nearly popped out when he noticed the easy-going attitude and effortless way the river guide pulled the boat onto the trailer before.

Very soon, our visitor had the opportunity to witness first hand the 20 plus years of experience by the river guide guy in the way he took charge of the group, consisting of 8 people in total. Now he knew for sure that everyone was in safe hands.

Not long after, the group got taken to the drop off point right at the beginning of the famous Rogue River. Another guide was around to ensure the group of 8 people got briefed about putting their life jackets on the proper away. That’s not all; they had helmets fitted as well as waterproof jackets and a few snacks to keep them going.


The second guide spoke about various safety procedures that everyone had to follow for when they fall out of the raft and get soaked. More demonstrations followed regarding paddling techniques and about activities everyone can look forward to, which includes a scrumptious lunch that would be prepared by the river guides themselves.


The most important tip given was that everyone in the rafting group must be in sync with one another as the higher lever rapids require cooperation on another level.


Finally, the time came to embark on the raft and start paddling. Everyone got briefed on the type of rapids they would encounter such as Class I to IV rapids.


Follow along as we describe the experience the young visitor encountered while rafting the Rogue River:


“Amazingly, most of the paddling work got carried out by Eric, one of the Orange Torpedo Trips guides at the time. He effortlessly waded his way through a few mellow rapids before moving onto a level III rapid. Before long the group encountered a level IV rapid where they had to hand on for dear life while noticing how the guide got everyone to safety through what was considered the biggest rapid of the day. All on board got thoroughly soaked and said that it felt like they were riding a bucking bull when going through the drop.”

One thing, our young hero, would never forget was the delicious meal he enjoyed at midday after a host of strenuous activity on board the raft. He loved the ginger beer and properly prepared omelets. During this time another raft catapulted and turned sideways. Two individuals were plunged head down into the river. But, thanks to the timely intervention of the river guide, they were pulled on board without any repercussions. It goes to show one needs to be prepared for any eventuality.

Would you like to experience exciting times on the Rogue River this year?